Art kitchen


An area of 600sq.mts, the kitchen includes a goods-in section with a highly sophisticated cleaning and conservation systems, together with a cake baking laboratory with an appropriate touch of technology combined with the creative competence of the master chef and his team contributes to the preparation of the most exceeding of dishes presented in a harmony of shapes and colours.

What makes the cuisine at Torre Giulia so uniquely fresh and flavorful are the products of the estate’s cultivated and bountiful terrain: homegrown vegetables, organic meats, lots of locally caught fish and the authenticity of extra-virgin olive oil from centuries-old olive groves that surround the estate.

The prime materials produced in our generous territory all natural ingredients impose the menù cycles from the harvests season after season hence always varied and never ordinary.

Not to miss the stunning aperitive and dessert buffets presented to impress the eye as much as the palate and to turn your reception at Torre Giulia into an unforgettable event…

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